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Bigger Impact

Increase your reach

Every week, thousands of Brooklyn families visit Little Little looking for classes.

Reach more families by having a presence on our site. Increased visibility and enrollments to your class means having a bigger impact.

Built For You

Set your own terms

Charge what you want, set your own terms, and accept payments without major fees.

Our platform puts you in control. Little Little is surprisingly easy to use and low maintenance. Even payments can be turned on with just one click.

Our Rates

A class-friendly fee

Listing your class with Little Little is totally free. When you begin accepting payments through our site, we take a simple class-friendly fee.

Little Little allows you to sell drop-ins and a package of sessions. Selling drop-ins has a low flat fee, and selling a package has a low percentage fee. We recommend offering both.

Drop-in Fees

Sell one session at a time

Session Price Fee Example
Under $15 $1 Your drop-in is priced at $12. You keep $11, which is 91.6%.
$15 or more $2 Your drop-in is priced at $20. You keep $18, which is 90%.
Free $0 Your class is free or you don’t enable payments. We charge you $0 and are happy that you list your class with us!

Why We Price Low

Fair rates is good business

We're serious about wanting class partners to be financially healthy. We make fees a non-issue so that you can focus on what matters — making kids happy and successful.

Class Package Fee

Sell sessions in a bundle

Package Price Fee Example
Any Price 4.5% You sell sessions in a package priced at $250. You keep $238.75, which is 95.5%.

The Difference

What makes us special

For both kids and partners, we compete on delight.

That means we treat partners like businesses we want a great long-term relationship with. We do that by making sure partners have healthy margins instead of taking a hefty share of their earnings. That's just crazy.

Happy Families

Why we're growing so fast

Have you ever spoken to a parent who gets super excited about paying a subscription fee?

We're growing quickly and doing things a bit differently. Maybe it’s because we put care into every corner of Little Little, or maybe it’s because we have different values. Either way, our best salespeople are the families who use us.

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