Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I set up an account?

You can sign up with the registration form . It’s a quick process that helps you create your first class. Once you’re registered, you can create as many classes as you want.

What happens after I register?

All registrations are reviewed by our team for approval. Your classes will not appear to the public until you're approved, but fear not — we're very quick about approvals.

Do I set up and update classes myself?

Yes, you manage your own account. We are very happy to help you if you have questions. If you need us, email and someone will help.

Payments, Deposits, and Fees

Does it cost anything to list my class or use the site?

No. Signing up and listing your class is totally free and will always be free. Little Little do not charge any monthly fees or require any payment from class partners.

How do I accept payments?

You can opt-into accepting payments by clicking "Edit Class" in your dashboard. You can begin accepting payments even before you provide bank details for earnings deposits. Please make sure you have granted us at least 1 open seat before accepting payments.

Am I required to accept payments through Little Little?

No, not at all. Accepting payments is encouraged but optional. Class partners must opt-in to accept payments through Little Little.

What can I charge for?

Little Little allows class partners to accept payments for drop-ins. This is optional and requires classes to opt-in. Little Little charges families on your behalf and deposits the funds in your account. Accepting monthly payments and semester payments is not available yet.

What fees do you take?

Each time a family is charged for a drop-in, Little Little takes a fee from the session price. For sessions under $15, we take $1. For sessions $15 and over, we take $2.

For classes that sell packages of sessions, we take a flat fee of 8%.

We are proud to take the lowest fees of any competing service. With our fee structure, class partners keep up to 93% of their drop-in earnings.

Is there any charge for parents?

Parents use the site for free. When parents purchase class sessions, Little Little includes a service fee of $1.99 for sessions priced under $12, and $2.99 for sessions priced at $12 or over. Parents pay $4.99 for class packages regardless of price.

When are earnings deposited in my account?

Money you have earned is deposited into your bank account every week on Sunday at 12:00AM. Depending on your bank or debit card, earnings can upwards of 3 days to appear in your bank account.

General Questions

Do you promote my classes?

Yes, we regularly run several ad campaigns in an effort to increase the number of families finding classes on Little Little.

Do families enroll in classes from Little Little or my website?

We show a link to your website if you provide one. We will never prevent families from using your website to register. We want you to be successful however your decide to charge for sessions.

Why are you doing this?

First, we love doing this and hope it shows in the care we put into every part of this service. We're parents and the service was born out of a personal need.

We're so thrilled to be able to offer Little Little, and we've had luck thus far because we share a mission with classes: To make kids happy and successful. We're doing that by making classes successful. That means — increasing awareness, bringing in more families, and earning classes more.

Do you have anything we can hang at our location?

Yes! Please get in touch: